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Adventurer’s Club – Disney Magic Band

May 22, 2017
Adventurer's Club Disney Magic Band

When I had read that it was possible to design your own custom disney magic band, I was like… oh hell yea! So I did as much research as I could to see what worked for other people and then found out what worked best for me.

This technique works for both the old and new magic bands.

First I started off by determining if I wanted to remove the outside band, since this was for my husband we wanted to keep that on.

I started by drawing out a design on paper similar to this:
adventurer's club custom disney magic band

I found drawing it out really makes a huge difference when trying to see how things will line up on the band.

I then drew out the design using black paint as a rough guide. I like to use Golden’s High Flow Arcylic Paint, in Carbon Black for all of my outlining work since its really smooth going on but doesn’t drip.

After I have the design roughed in, I’ll start painting the band in with acrylic paint. I tend to use
Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic Paint but any craft paint will work like Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint.

When everything is dry you will want to seal your masterpiece! I have seen many different methods but this has been the best I have found and I’ve done a lot of these (more to come!). I use 1 coat (that is important, make sure its a light layer) of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat Nail Polish.

You might get concerned and try to do another coat, don’t do it. This will make your band actually crack (learn from my fail!!)

Anyway, I hope you like my Adventurer’s Club Magic Band! 🙂

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