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About Tori

Tori Toons was created by me, Tori Behr in 1999 and has changed and grown and morphed into many things over the years. Part cartooning, part everyday life, it is both a creative outlet and a way to share with others.

About Me:

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communications and Color Theory I started my design career doing everything from air brushing cars to creating “creative” spreadsheets for an investment firm. As the web started to really take off (yea, I am old!) I put all of my attention into being a web designer. Today, I still absolutely love what I do but I’ve also never stopped learning.

Over the years, I’ve painted, animated and created stained glass masterpieces (ok… its a masterpiece only a mom could love) but I kept pushing myself to learn more.

The one thing that I have stuck with is a daily cartoon blog of my life. Started on livejournal it has morphed into a web toon, instagram toon and now a combination of both. What started as a way to cope with social anxiety became something I now just enjoy doing.

Since I have a limited space when cartooning I don’t always have a way to share whatelse I can do and share how I do it! So this is why I changed my site to be more of a blog.

I have 6 crazy cats, 1 overly dramatic dog and a very patient husband that doesn’t mind my spastic mind.

Wow, you’ve read this far? You rock!