Kitten Shaming

Kitten Shaming

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We were watching a youtube video with a ferret that kept stealing stuff… then we looked over and realized we have a thief among us!

Juice Master

7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet – Day 2

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So I think I did pretty well yesterday, I was completely not hungry which surprised me. I finished off my night with basically the apple cider and it was seriously good. I think I’ll do that each night, especially since I have like 8 million apples!!

Today I woke up a little slow, went to look at my daily juice day and was like… meh.. not another apple juice based drink. I just couldn’t do it, so I did the passion juice instead which was… interesting. I think it really came down to not liking beets too much. But I drank it and had a ton of energy to garden and get some cleaning done then 11am hit. I should have had another beet drink but meh… and I was feeling super tired at this point so I went for the smoothie (my bananas were about to go bad so I wanted to use them up sooner then later).

YUM! Yum yum yum! Even Mikk was like… YUM! And he thinks I am nuts for even trying this!

I did weigh myself this morning and nothing changed but my headaches have subsided. Something that is typically a daily thing hasn’t even popped up. Not saying this is a cure all but I am pleased with a clear headed day. :)

7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet

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So I’ve been having a lot of trouble eating meat and spicy food. This is not a new issue, it actually was the reason I was a vegetarian for a good portion of my twenties. After staying off red meat for a while, the problem seemed to go away, or at least not be as bad.

This past summer it has come back with the fury of 8 thousand chipmunks!

So then I was sitting around one lazy Sunday and I decided to put a documentary on netflix, and it ended up talking about juicing. I’ve heard about people doing this in the past and kinda laughed as it seemed like a fad but with this recent stomach trouble, I figured what’s the worst I have to lose?

We picked up a juicer and I picked up the book “7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet”. I didn’t really care about the diet part of it (yes losing weight would rock… but not my reason for this). I read the book like it told me 80 times to do and planned to start my 4 days of juicing today.

The reason I opted for 4 days as opposed to 7 is due to my split schedule in PA and Maryland, its just not feasible to make it work down there, so I’ll stick to fruits and salads the other 3 days. Who knows, I may get to day 5 and feel awesome and not want to go to salads/fruits and will find a way to make juice work down there. We will see but for now, my goal is 4 days!

I’ve also picked up a rebounder which has been fun so far!

Day 1:
For my records and others (if people actually read this page… hello!), I am starting out at 167.8lbs, only juice number 2. I had pretty bad headaches this morning but they seem to have subsided. And the first juice is awesomeness! Lets see what I say about if come 3 days from now! :)

Dear Dad

Dear Dad

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I don’t know why its easier to say all of this in cartoon form… but its the best that I can do. I love you dad!