Adventurers Club Magic Band

Customized Disney Magic Band

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In honor of the the Adventurers Club, I decorated my husbands magic band for his favorite place at Disney. He’s been heartbroken since its shut down so it was no surprised when he asked me to paint his magic band this way!  Just like on my Haunted Mansion band, I drew out a sketch of what I wanted on a piece of paper, tracing the magic band first so I could get everything how I wanted it.

I then drew on the magic band with black paint and then filled the rest in.  Once dry I will finish off the sides and then seal it with base coat.

How to decorate your magic band

How to Decorate your Disney Magic Band

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So you just got your new Magic Band and you’re like… YES!!! But then you realize… it could really use something. Maybe a little extra color? Maybe some sparkle? Well here is my tutorial on how to decorate your magic band.
Disney Magic Bands
First… Get a Magic Band!
If you don’t happen to have your magic band yet, you can also do a rough sketch of what one looks like on a piece of paper to practice. They come in many colors and include and outside grey area that can be removed for smaller wrists.

Second… Get your pixie dust!
This is where you can let your imagination go wild. You do NOT need to be an artist to come up with a killer magic band. Here are some examples of stuff you can use:

  • Sketching my magic bandNail Polish
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Stickers
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Sticker Gems
  • Glitter… aka Pixie Dust
  • and more!

In my case I used acrylic paint as I wanted to fully paint my band.  I also felt that the rubber like paint would be a bit more forgiving to wear and tear.

I sketched out my drawing of Constance Hatchaway from the Haunted Mansion (based off the AMAZING painting by Jasmine Becket-Griffith… seriously, get this print, its stunning!) on a piece of paper first and then “doodled” it on my magic band with black acrylic paint and a teeny tiny brush.

Custom Magic BandThird… Finish it!
No matter what you use you will want to make sure your masterpiece lasts through your entire trip!  Many people have tested out and tried nail polish top coat and base coat and base coat seems to be the winner so far.  The top coat was cracking as you bend the band.

Some people have also tried “Flex Seal” (there was a Rust-Oleum version of this too) but I have not tried it so I don’t know how well that would work.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this small tutorial about how I customized my simple pink magic band.

We have a little over a month to go and then it’s Disney time!!

Kitten Shaming

Kitten Shaming

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We were watching a youtube video with a ferret that kept stealing stuff… then we looked over and realized we have a thief among us!

Juice Master

7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet – Day 2

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So I think I did pretty well yesterday, I was completely not hungry which surprised me. I finished off my night with basically the apple cider and it was seriously good. I think I’ll do that each night, especially since I have like 8 million apples!!

Today I woke up a little slow, went to look at my daily juice day and was like… meh.. not another apple juice based drink. I just couldn’t do it, so I did the passion juice instead which was… interesting. I think it really came down to not liking beets too much. But I drank it and had a ton of energy to garden and get some cleaning done then 11am hit. I should have had another beet drink but meh… and I was feeling super tired at this point so I went for the smoothie (my bananas were about to go bad so I wanted to use them up sooner then later).

YUM! Yum yum yum! Even Mikk was like… YUM! And he thinks I am nuts for even trying this!

I did weigh myself this morning and nothing changed but my headaches have subsided. Something that is typically a daily thing hasn’t even popped up. Not saying this is a cure all but I am pleased with a clear headed day. :)

7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet

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So I’ve been having a lot of trouble eating meat and spicy food. This is not a new issue, it actually was the reason I was a vegetarian for a good portion of my twenties. After staying off red meat for a while, the problem seemed to go away, or at least not be as bad.

This past summer it has come back with the fury of 8 thousand chipmunks!

So then I was sitting around one lazy Sunday and I decided to put a documentary on netflix, and it ended up talking about juicing. I’ve heard about people doing this in the past and kinda laughed as it seemed like a fad but with this recent stomach trouble, I figured what’s the worst I have to lose?

We picked up a juicer and I picked up the book “7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet”. I didn’t really care about the diet part of it (yes losing weight would rock… but not my reason for this). I read the book like it told me 80 times to do and planned to start my 4 days of juicing today.

The reason I opted for 4 days as opposed to 7 is due to my split schedule in PA and Maryland, its just not feasible to make it work down there, so I’ll stick to fruits and salads the other 3 days. Who knows, I may get to day 5 and feel awesome and not want to go to salads/fruits and will find a way to make juice work down there. We will see but for now, my goal is 4 days!

I’ve also picked up a rebounder which has been fun so far!

Day 1:
For my records and others (if people actually read this page… hello!), I am starting out at 167.8lbs, only juice number 2. I had pretty bad headaches this morning but they seem to have subsided. And the first juice is awesomeness! Lets see what I say about if come 3 days from now! :)

Dear Dad

Dear Dad

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I don’t know why its easier to say all of this in cartoon form… but its the best that I can do. I love you dad!